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#TherapyRebrand. The Results Are In!

#TherapyRebrand #UltimateSelfCare So………I belong this group.  A group of counsellors.  A group of human beings that are professional, empathic, knowledgeable, warm and kind.  People that want to, not only help…

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Which One?

As the year comes to a close, some of us may be thinking about new beginnings like New Year resolutions and also to what the year ahead will bring. Some…

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I am Stressed!!!!!

In a world where it’s becoming more and more pressurised, I am not surprised a lot of us are feeling stressed out.  We work longer hours, money problems are common,…

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Surviving Santa

So, the decorations are going up in the shops, the Christmas lights are beginning to be switched on and Santa is even opening grotto's, which only means one thing -…

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That is how Carl Jung defined happiness… But what does it mean for you? I hear a lot of people say, ‘I just want to be happy’. Does your happiness…

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Does this sound familiar…. ‘If I do this absolutely perfect, I will succeed’….’if I look perfect tonight, I will be loved’…and if I don’t I will fail and be rejected.…

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Mr Freud is a bit of a fave of mine. I mean his theory, Psychoanalysis, was around in the time of 1896 and it is still being used and studied…

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